• May, 2021
  • Writing Your First Swoole PHP

    In case you are yet to setup swoole php, I will recommend you check out my previous post on this - https://blog.africoders.com/archives/5-Setting-Up-SWOOLEPHP-on-OSX.html

    If you have done that, then the next step is easy.


    Create a file called sample1.php

    $server = new Swoole\HTTP\Server("", 9501);

    $server->on("start", function (Swoole\Http\Server $server) {
        echo "Swoole http server is started at\n";

    $server->on("request", function (Swoole\Http\Request $request, Swoole\Http\Response $response) {
        $response->header("Content-Type", "text/plain");
        $response->end("Hello World\n");


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  • wowonder editing the footer shown on the guest page

    Have you ever had to work with wowonder and wonder how to edit stuffs?

    Let us say you wish to add a link just before the terms shown in that image.


    You just need to go here:


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  • Laravel Run Schedule/Command Every Few Seconds

    There are times you need shorter intervals to run your artisan commands.

    This package does it for you - https://github.com/spatie/laravel-short-schedule


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