• June, 2021
  • Installing SSHPASS On OSX

    Ordinarily, you should have just been able to say:

    $ brew install sshpass

    But no, you will get:


    We won't add sshpass because it makes it too easy for novice SSH users to

    ruin SSH's security.

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  • May, 2021
  • Setting Up SWOOLE/PHP on OSX

    This is  a high performance programmatic server for PHP with Async IO, Coroutines and Fibers.

    OSX comes with a lot of the dependencies. If you have your home-brew setup already, all you need to do is:

    $ pecl install swoole

    I tested this with PHP 7.4, OSX Catalina, my testing machine does not have BigSaw at this time. I will test it on my alternate system with BigSaw and update this post later.

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